Quick access to school cameras help police in potential crises

Below see an excerpt from WBALTV 11 about Vidsys’ work with Baltimore County.

Baltimore County just rolled out its latest piece of school safety technology. The equipment is designed to give police officers a head start in dealing with a crisis already in progress. The school system beefed up security after a shooting at Perry Hall High School that happened five years ago. Now, $13 million later, it may one of the most high-tech security districts in the state.

“We’re able to pull up school cameras — elementary, middle school and high school cameras,” said Baltimore County police Officer Melvin Callaman. A police vehicle was parked outside of Southwest Academy in Baltimore County on Friday to show off the new mobile school security system.

“The police officer who’s patrolling the neighborhood can instantly access these feeds without having to be physically present at the school,” said Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz. It’s the next step in Baltimore County’s effort to keep schools safe, and they plan to do so from a laptop computer on the dashboard of a police cruiser. Officers can now pull up a half-dozen screens at one time. It includes live video of the main office, lobby, playgrounds and traffic cameras.

“They can change very quickly and easily … to that situation they want to view and have that full situational awareness coming up on a screen,” said Rob Strading, the director of Baltimore County Technology.

“Depending on what type of call it is, we can deploy other resources and decide how to respond in an emergency status,” Callaman said.

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