From the Final Four to the Super Bowl – How Houston Uses Technology to Manage Special Events

Special events require the mobilization of multiple departments and organizations within a city or region as well as a system that can manage and oversee all aspects of the operations. While large events are a logistical challenge requiring the participation of hundreds and thousands of individuals from dozens of government and private entities, the lessons learned and the technology employed can provide long-term benefits for the community beyond the event.

How to plan and what to think about can be confusing and daunting. On September 28 we learned how the City of Houston leverages technology to achieve situational awareness. In this webinar, you will hear how Jack Hanagriff, Coordinator of the Regional Risk and Critical Infrastructure Protection Program, manages special events such as the Final Four, the Republican Primary Debates, emergency flooding response and the upcoming Super Bowl.

Topics include:

  • An Introduction to the City of Houston’s Critical Infrastructure Protection System
  • How Houston Leverages Technology to Manage Special Events such as:
    • The Republican Primary Debate
    • The Final Four
    • Recent Emergency Flooding Response
    • Super Bowl LI
  • How Vidsys’ CSIM Platform Enables Cities of the Future

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