Baltimore County Public Elementary Schools Being Upgraded With New Security Equipment

Below see an excerpt from Baltimore CBS local news  about Vidsys’ work with Baltimore County.

The public school system is equipping all county elementary schools with security cameras and card reader door locks. The technology allows officers to see what the schools’ security cameras see in real time.

The feeling that it can’t happen here vanished in 2012 when a 15-year-old Perry Hall High School student brought a gun to school, fired it into the crowded cafeteria and wounded one student before a counselor wrestled the shooter to the floor.

“That really pushed me to say we really need to make sure we are keeping our schools safe,” said Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz.

The effort was highlighted Friday with a video dashboard system that gives police officers a real time look at school security cameras video. It gives officers eyes inside of the county’s schools, libraries, and other public facilities county wide.

“Depending on what type of call it is where we can deploy all our resources, how to respond, emergency status or routine status,” said officer Melvin Callaman of the Baltimore Police Department. “Officers on the midnight shift, they can get a simple burglar alarm – they can log on, see if there’s somebody inside.”

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