Why CSIM Is A Workforce Multiplier

In the current digital age, it is paramount for businesses to have streamlined, effective, and intelligent security management systems that ensure sustained safety for an organization. Just as imperative as the security system itself, however, is making the most of the time and money a company spends on security software.

The right software platform can be a workforce multiplier for organizations who invest in it. The term “workforce multiplier” was used by the City of Houston to describe the impact from software that can perform the functions of many people at once at a greater speed and without human error. This, of course, improves organizations’ efficiency and reduces the amount of required resources.

At Vidsys, we’ve achieved a strong track record of private and public sector customers who have enjoyed a significant return in investment—both financially and in terms of staff resources—from our CSIM (Converged Security & Information Management) platform. We empower organizations with a large physical footprint—places like hospitals, enterprises and government campuses—to consolidate their security data management into a single user interface.

For example, Vidsys CSIM enabled a Fortune 50 company to maintain its security force head count, even though it has doubled the size of its physical campus in the last five years. This company also realized a 66% reduction in response time and a 50% reduction in false alarms from access control systems.

Additionally, we’ve helped several transportation agencies cut the time it takes to resolve a traffic accident by nearly 50 percent, enabling the swifter clearing of major traffic incidents and reducing the risk of follow-on accidents and injuries. The time, money and staff savings that result from this are exponential. Several major cities have experienced enhanced collaboration among multiple police and EMS responders, resulting in a faster resolution of incidents and higher percentages of apprehension.

For organizations seeking operator training efficiency, our platform aids in creating a consistent process because employees are trained on one system—the Vidsys interface—which integrates numerous sub-systems. This also means employees become proficient on the Vidsys platform faster, and their consistency and accuracy is enhanced.

In conclusion, our CSIM software acts as an efficient workforce multiplier, allowing corporations to gain an edge on the competition and provide the gold standard in security management and data correlation.

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