IFSEC Vidsys Webinar: Achieving near real-time risk management with a converged security centre

Today’s high-risk, myriad-threat security environment demands a converged security solution that consolidates monitoring of both physical and cybersecurity events within one, unified platform.

Organizations can thus leverage disparate data sources to effectively manage situations in near real-time without navigating multiple subsystems – including analytics and cybersecurity – and complete investigations and take appropriate actions promptly. Speed is, after all, of the essence in these situations.

In this webinar, you’ll hear from a panel of experts in converged security and enterprise security risk management. Panelists will discuss the concept, reality, and evolution of having both physical and cyber-security teams managing and collaborating in the same security operations center.


Roberto Mandanas, VP Strategic Marketing and Alliances, Vidsys

Sarb Sembhi CISM, CISO, Virtually Informed Ltd

James Willison MA MSyI, Founder, Unified Security Ltd

Host/Moderator: Adam Bannister, editor, IFSEC Global



The Intelligent GSOC for Today’s Corporate Security and Critical Infrastructure

Watch this video to learn about how the Intelligent GSOC can accelerate effective decisions and actions by enabling the following:

  • Real-time processing of data that are diverse in format (e.g. video, image, audio, text, logs, transactions), and in origin (e.g. CCTV, corporate databases, email, sensor, social media, broadcast media)
  • Automated analysis to identify issues or potential threats
  • Streamlined workflow for alerts and responses
  • Open standards connectivity to third-party systems for easy integration

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Accelerate Effective NERC-CIP Compliance with Big Data


With fines and penalties reaching up to $1M/day, there is no time to lose in closing security gaps. In many cases, bringing an organization into compliance has additional benefits in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.  One of the most valuable but often under-utilized assets – data – can be put to good use in addressing NERC CIP requirements.  For example,  CIP-014 is about protection against physical attacks.  Data from surveillance video, sensors, access control and other relevant sources, if monitored, processed and analyzed quickly,  can significantly minimize the risks of oversight AND false alarms while improving security staff efficiency.

To help you address CIP-014 and other CIP requirements such as CIP-006, Vidsys, a leader in Converged Security and Information Management platform, and HPE, a leader in big data analytics engine, have joined forces in providing an integrated solution designed to automate the critical security processes of monitoring different data sources, analyzing for insights, and triggering appropriate actions.  Watch and learn how you can achieve effective compliance faster.

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Super Bowl LIVE: Temporary Event Deployment Webinar

Super Bowl LIVE spanned 10 days, covered 17 acres, and brought in massive crowds. An event like this creates logistical, safety, and traffic challenges on an enormous scale. In order for the end user to successfully manage a special event of this size it requires effective partnerships between multiple security solutions and companies. With the help of the Vidsys CSIM platform, Axis network cameras, and others, the City of Houston successfully managed this event.

In this special webinar you will hear directly from the end user, Jack Hanagriff, Law Enforcement Liaison for the City of Houston. It is hosted by Roberto Mandanas of Vidsys, an Axis Application Development Partner, and Avi Miller, Customer Reference Coordinator at Axis.

Jack details the scope of the entire solution and how all players worked together. The webinar wraps up with an interview session focused on Jack’s experience as an end user, lessons learned, and biggest hurdles.

Check out this special opportunity to hear about the success of such a large scale collaboration!

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Vidsys & HPE Webinar: Find and Fix Your Security Gaps

vidsys-hpe-logosWatch this webinar to learn more about the key parameters to assess if there are security gaps in your organization and how to address them. By leveraging the integration of Vidsys’ Converged Security and Information Management platform and Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s big data analytics engine – IDOL, you can accelerate holistic intelligence and automate alerts to mitigate the escalating risks of disastrous oversight and costly false alarms.

On this webinar, you will learn:

  • The key threats and risks to your organization
  • Important parameters and tools to use in assessing your security infrastructure
  • Potential impact on failing to address these parameters of concern
  • How Vidsys and HPE can help your organization mitigate risk and address threats to your organization

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From the Final Four to the Super Bowl – How Houston Uses Technology to Manage Special Events

Special events require the mobilization of multiple departments and organizations within a city or region as well as a system that can manage and oversee all aspects of the operations. While large events are a logistical challenge requiring the participation of hundreds and thousands of individuals from dozens of government and private entities, the lessons learned and the technology employed can provide long-term benefits for the community beyond the event.

How to plan and what to think about can be confusing and daunting. On September 28 we learned how the City of Houston leverages technology to achieve situational awareness. In this webinar, you will hear how Jack Hanagriff, Coordinator of the Regional Risk and Critical Infrastructure Protection Program, manages special events such as the Final Four, the Republican Primary Debates, emergency flooding response and the upcoming Super Bowl.

Topics include:

  • An Introduction to the City of Houston’s Critical Infrastructure Protection System
  • How Houston Leverages Technology to Manage Special Events such as:
    • The Republican Primary Debate
    • The Final Four
    • Recent Emergency Flooding Response
    • Super Bowl LI
  • How Vidsys’ CSIM Platform Enables Cities of the Future

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Smart Decisions, Smarter Cities – How Data Correlation Will Enable Cities of the Future

Data and increased connectivity will enable cities to transform the way we will live, work, and interact with one another. The challenge for cities is to not just gather the data, but to make better use of the data to make more informed decisions, creating actionable intelligence. Smart Cities will need to combine and correlate multiple data streams to provide a more holistic evaluation of the city’s environment.

Topics include:

  • The building blocks of Smart Cities
  • The importance of data correlation for cities of the future
  • How Vidsys Enterprise 2017 extends capabilities beyond physical security by capturing and correlating data from multiple IT-security systems and information management systems to support Smart City applications.

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Meet the New NERC CIP Standards

Is your organization ready to meet the new NERC-CIP standards?  In this webinar, we discuss aspects of these standards and how the Vidsys CSIM solution can help to mitigate risks and support compliance with NERC-CIP requirements.




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