VidSys Pushes The State Of The Art In Intelligent Physical Security Information Management (psim)

Newest Version of PSIM Software Provides an Integrated Suite of Policy and Compliance Tools and Reports

Vienna, Va. March 15, 2010 ─ VidSys, the leading provider of Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software that allows organizations to resolve business and security situations in real time, today released the newest version of its PSIM software system including its situation management application, RiskShield.  With the latest enhancements, the VidSys PSIM software system further pushes the state of the art in improving the real time diagnosis, resolution and management of situations along with an integrated suite of services for setting policy, determining compliance and initiating investigative analysis.  It is now easier to set and enforce policies and offers integration with post situation compliance and investigative reporting, helping organizations save time, money and, in some cases, lives.

When integration with investigative services applications is required, the VidSys PSIM software system connects with external systems for further reporting.  This release includes integration with D3 Security Management System’s investigative services for post-event reviews.  VidSys seamlessly streams all data related to a situation, including information about video, voicemail, emails and actions taken, to D3’s holistic data assessment and analysis platform for comprehensive post situation analysis and investigative services.

“Analyzing situations, responses and results after events have taken place offers crucial business intelligence, especially after larger security incidents,” said Julie Copithorne, managing partner, D3 Security Management Systems.  “Our partnership with VidSys enables organizations to tie together their proactive situation management and forensic analysis capabilities in order to establish security best practices.  Companies are already leveraging the benefits of our integration, including a Fortune 50 company that is using our security reports with the VidSys PSIM software to improve its overall risk, security and situation management practices.”

The release adds dynamic policy and compliance management to the existing capability to add new devices or applications without bringing down the system or loading new software on desktops.   The Plug-And-Play architecture allows an organization to change or add new policies, rules, devices, reports, maps or compliance guidelines while the system is running.  This feature is crucial as safety and security agencies and corporations, faced with an increasing number of complex security and safety challenges, cannot afford to have down time in order to update software on all desktops, in field vehicles and on remote devices each time a new version of a security device, camera or system is released or a policy changes.

“Public and private organizations are faced with constant pressure to address the dynamic nature of the safety and security situations they face, the policies they establish for situation response and the technologies that they add to their security ecosystem,” explained Dave Rosenlund, vice president, product management and marketing, VidSys.  “Our customers, including three of the top four cities in North America and a number of Fortune 100 global companies, need a solution that can adapt with these ongoing changes without any downtime or administrative effort to put software on desktops.  Our solution empowers them to reliably achieve their security and safety objectives without having to worry about any interruptions or timely installations.”

To see a demo of the newest version of the VidSys PSIM software, stop by the VidSys booth #9055 at ISC West, March 24 through March 26 in Las Vegas to learn more.

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