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Vidsys Partners With Northrop Grumman To Improve Dispatch Effectiveness, First Responder Safety And Situation Management

Northrop Grumman’s CommandPoint CAD System and VidSys PSIM Platform Integrate to Place Timely, Robust Information Directly in the Hands of Dispatchers and First Responders

Vienna, Va. July 7, 2010 ─ VidSys, the leading provider of Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software that allows organizations to resolve business and security situations in real time, announced today that its PSIM software is integrating with Northrop Grumman’s CommandPoint computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system. As a result, real-time information can be shared seamlessly and immediately with dispatchers, incident commanders and first responders enabling more effective responses to emergency situations and improving the safety of first responders.

“With the integration of these systems, first responders and incident commanders now have the potential for real-time access to emergency details correlated from multiple agencies, including on-scene video and pictures, sensor information, situation details (such as the location of shots fired) and maps,” said City of Davenport CIO Rob Henry. “The result is field personnel are now empowered with the right information at just the right time to safely respond and resolve an unfolding situation.”

Regardless of how the situation is initiated, the PSIM platform enables integration of devices and information such as visual and audio data from  multiple agencies, providing operators with additional information to verify situations and provide first responders with greater detail as they are dispatched to the scene. Having this information prior to reaching the scene increases the safety and effectiveness of the responder.

“Integrating video and situation management capabilities with CAD systems provides a clearer picture of what is happening during an emergency situation, both for the dispatchers and the field personnel,” said Dave Fowler, senior vice president, Product Development and Marketing, VidSys. “Through our partnership with Northrop Grumman, we can offer dispatchers access to additional real-time information that can be shared with first responders or other agencies so they have a comprehensive view of an incident before, during and after the situation.  Together we can provide faster and safer responses, better deployment of assets, and greater visibility into situation handling for reporting and training.”

To learn more about the VidSys PSIM and Northrop Grumman CommandPoint integration, view a demonstration at the company’s lab in Virginia.

Vidsys’ Physical Security Information Management Software Included In Premier Demo At Upcoming Its America

Houston TranStar to Use PSIM Software to Highlight Information Sharing and Inter-Agency Collaboration During Emergencies for Improved Situation Management

Vienna, Va. April 30, 2010 ─ VidSys, the leading provider of Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software that allows organizations to resolve business and security situations in real time, today announced that the City of Houston has chosen the VidSys PSIM software to implement a Public Safety Video System in the Greater Houston area.  A demonstration of this system will take place at the Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITSA) 20th Annual Meeting & Exhibition May 3 – 5, 2010 in Houston, Texas.

The VidSys PSIM Software will be used during the show’s premier demonstration event, the 18-Wheeler Lost Load Rollover and SAFE Clear Demo.  A team of first responders on the region’s incident management recovery team will perform a live demonstration of an 18-wheeler rollover lost load recovery.  The base camp operator for the demo will use the VidSys PSIM software in the TranStar booth on the show floor to help manage and coordinate the emergency response as well as facilitate collaboration amongst TranStar officials, the Houston Police Department, the Houston Fire Department and METRO Police.

During the demonstration, live and recorded video from the traffic incidents, an action plan with manual and automated notifications, and real-time collaboration with first responders via handheld devices will be managed through the VidSys PSIM software.  Show attendees will be able to watch on a jumbo screen in the convention center how the software enables inter-agency communication and helps with the management of the unfolding situation.

“Houston TranStar is committed to providing the best transportation and emergency management services to the public in order to save lives and improve mobility in the region,” said John R. Whaley, Executive Director of Houston TranStar.  “In our demonstrations with the VidSys PSIM software, we will show how we can improve response times, coordinate emergency responses across organizations and empower our first responders with real-time information as the situation unfolds and they arrive on scene.”

“This is a great opportunity to highlight how the VidSys PSIM software can bring together information from a variety of systems across multiple agencies in real time and provide actionable step-by-step guidance to first responders to help save lives and improve mobility,” said David Fowler, senior vice president, marketing and product development, for VidSys.  “We are excited to be involved in this demonstration with Houston TranStar where we can highlight the power of our technology.”

In the Telvent booth at the George R. Brown Convention Center, the VidSys PSIM software will display how it could enable interoperability of analog and digital security devices and systems and correlates the data from these disparate solutions to provide Houston TranStar and its neighboring agencies with a 360-degree view of a situation.  The VidSys PSIM software system seamlessly creates a safety and security solution from piecemeal environments without major surgery on existing security infrastructures to provide one common operating picture and enable quick collaboration and information exchange between local, state and, in some instances, federal agencies when emergencies occur.  By tightly integrating all of the disparate security devices and systems with policies, procedures and protocols, the VidSys PSIM software empowers decision-makers with the right information to quickly make the right decision as situations unfold.

To learn more about the 18-wheeler demo, including dates and times, go to:  To see the VidSys PSIM software demo in action at ITSA, stop by Houston TranStar’s booth #217 or Telvent’s booth # 500 on the show floor.

What Makes PSIM PSIM

Vidsys And VideoIQ Partner To Streamline Critical Infrastructure Protection

integration of Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) and Intelligent Video Surveillance Enables Proactive Situation Management

Vienna, Va. April 20, 2010 ─ VidSys, the leading provider of Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software that allows organizations to resolve business and security situations in real time, today announced its technology partnership with VideoIQ, provider of the world’s only cameras and encoders with adaptive analytics, onboard Network Video Recorder (NVR) and an advanced Video Management System (VMS).  By integrating VideoIQ’s video analytics with the VidSys PSIM software system, organizations can increase their ability to protect critical infrastructure through pro-active and real-time analysis at the network edge.

The VidSys PSIM software system provides a common operating platform that enables more of the intelligence and policies being leveraged by an organization to be pushed to the network edge for faster diagnosis, more efficient bandwidth utilization and the ability to integrate a variety of disparate devices.  With the VidSys PSIM software, data can be correlated from multiple security devices and systems, including VideoIQ’s cameras, encoders and video analytics, and analyzed to proactively avoid situations before they happen, quickly provide awareness as a situation unfolds or prevent them from escalating.  This is another key component of VidSys’ strategy to leverage a distributed network of intelligent devices from multiple vendors to help diagnose, verify, resolve and report on safety, security and business situations.

“Video analytics are crucial for proactively protecting an organization’s critical infrastructure,” explained Mark Gally, vice president of marketing, VideoIQ.  “By tying this data to other information related to a situation as well as standard policies and rules for resolution, responders are able to more intelligently handle unfolding situations.”

VideoIQ’s proactive IP video surveillance system combines automated event detection, a built-in, onboard NVR and integrated video management into a single solution-all driven by next-generation analytics -to provide proactive protection and accelerate investigation.  VideoIQ’s embedded, adaptive analytics intelligently analyze information at the network edge, integrating with VidSys’ situation management rules for effective resolution.  This enables first responders to proactively detect threats, visually verify situations, accurately identify and understand unfolding situations, change policies and actions based on evolving situations and respond more effectively.

“Having accurate information in a timely fashion enables organizations to better manage security and safety situations,” said Dave Rosenlund, vice president, product management, at VidSys.  “This relationship enhances our leadership in making the networks smarter by distributing the intelligence to as close to where the problems occur as possible, lowering cost and response time.”

To learn more about how VidSys and VideoIQ are working together, attend their joint webinar titled, Revolutionizing Your Business’ Critical Infrastructure Protection, on Thursday, April 22 at 2:00 PM EDT.

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