The Smart Road Ahead: Vidsys Feature Story In Security Middle East

Below is an excerpt from Security Middle East’s feature story about Vidsys’ project with Injazat to connect smart building systems across the UAE.

A smart city initiative that proactively monitors and manages fire and life safety alarms across the UAE (is being) installed by Vidsys, a Virginia (USA), based company.  Joe Charlaff speaks to installation company Injazat to find out more.

A new Converged Security Information Management System (CSIM) installed by Injazat aims to reduce the cost of inspecting buildings and provide central monitoring of fire and life safety events for 150,000 buildings across a wide range of locations across the UAE…

UAE entrusted Vidsys, a global provider of enterprise CSIM software, for the installation and maintenance of the system. Vidsys announced that Injazat Data Systems will employ their CSIM platform as part of the UAE”s Hassantuk (‘protect you’ in Arabic) smart monitoring and alert and control system…

Read the full article on Page 26 of the November / December issue online here.

Vidsys and Motorola Solutions launch communications platform for federal properties

Below is an excerpt from AsMag about Vidsys and Motorola Solutions’ recent announcement about its new PROTECT Series.

Vidsys, the global provider in physical security information management (PSIM) and converged security and information management (CSIM) software, announced that Motorola Solutions is implementing Vidsys CSIM through its Protect Series communications platform.

Motorola Solutions’ Protect Series is a unified platform that meets security and network compliance for military installations and other secure federal properties. It aggregates and analyzes information from multiple inputs, including video sources, computer aided dispatch, records management systems, SCADA, sensors and alerts, resource location, sirens and more. The result is meaningful and actionable data and increased situational awareness through one common operating picture.

The program is designed for key decision makers such as security directors, federal installation management commands, IT directors, military police, emergency operators and threat analysts to take advantage of real-time intelligence when responding to emergencies and to help increase the safety of an installation and those within its walls.

By allowing decision makers to instantly send out mass notifications in real-time, pull up any standard operating procedure (SOP) at the click of a button, the Protect Series provides real-time integration of disparate data sources that allows responders to stay one step ahead of any incident that could turn into an installation emergency.

See the full announcement here.

How Airports Can Increase Situational Awareness for Security

Below is an excerpt from Vidsys Founder and CEO James Chong’s recent article for Aviation Pros Online and Airport Business Magazine.

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) reported that U.S. airlines and foreign airlines serving the United States carried an all-time high of 932 million passengers in 2016, 3.8 percent more than the previous record high of 897.9 million reached in 2015. This leaves airports with an ongoing and very specific security challenge.

To operate smoothly and keep safety as the utmost priority, airport security teams must manage localized, detailed processes in addition to a diverse environment of technologies like access control, identity management, mass notification, video surveillance, internal communications and business intelligence. As air travel continues to increase along with the ongoing concerns of terrorist attacks and overall safety, airports must have a security platform that is flexible, mobile and intelligent to create a strong base for airport security and efficiency.

Airport security is complicated. It is rapidly evolving and requires officials to plan for a diverse set of scenarios, from terrorism and hijacking to active shooters, theft and fraud. In the face of such daunting security challenges, airport officials require best-in-class technology that can integrate seamlessly with the facility’s other systems to create true situational awareness.

Here are four considerations for airlines and airport operation centers to consider when building on their security system to boost situational awareness…

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Baltimore County Public Elementary Schools Being Upgraded With New Security Equipment

Below see an excerpt from Baltimore CBS local news  about Vidsys’ work with Baltimore County.

The public school system is equipping all county elementary schools with security cameras and card reader door locks. The technology allows officers to see what the schools’ security cameras see in real time.

The feeling that it can’t happen here vanished in 2012 when a 15-year-old Perry Hall High School student brought a gun to school, fired it into the crowded cafeteria and wounded one student before a counselor wrestled the shooter to the floor.

“That really pushed me to say we really need to make sure we are keeping our schools safe,” said Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz.

The effort was highlighted Friday with a video dashboard system that gives police officers a real time look at school security cameras video. It gives officers eyes inside of the county’s schools, libraries, and other public facilities county wide.

“Depending on what type of call it is where we can deploy all our resources, how to respond, emergency status or routine status,” said officer Melvin Callaman of the Baltimore Police Department. “Officers on the midnight shift, they can get a simple burglar alarm – they can log on, see if there’s somebody inside.”

Click here to read the full article on Baltimore CBS local news.

Quick access to school cameras help police in potential crises

Below see an excerpt from WBALTV 11 about Vidsys’ work with Baltimore County.

Baltimore County just rolled out its latest piece of school safety technology. The equipment is designed to give police officers a head start in dealing with a crisis already in progress. The school system beefed up security after a shooting at Perry Hall High School that happened five years ago. Now, $13 million later, it may one of the most high-tech security districts in the state.

“We’re able to pull up school cameras — elementary, middle school and high school cameras,” said Baltimore County police Officer Melvin Callaman. A police vehicle was parked outside of Southwest Academy in Baltimore County on Friday to show off the new mobile school security system.

“The police officer who’s patrolling the neighborhood can instantly access these feeds without having to be physically present at the school,” said Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz. It’s the next step in Baltimore County’s effort to keep schools safe, and they plan to do so from a laptop computer on the dashboard of a police cruiser. Officers can now pull up a half-dozen screens at one time. It includes live video of the main office, lobby, playgrounds and traffic cameras.

“They can change very quickly and easily … to that situation they want to view and have that full situational awareness coming up on a screen,” said Rob Strading, the director of Baltimore County Technology.

“Depending on what type of call it is, we can deploy other resources and decide how to respond in an emergency status,” Callaman said.

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Officer demonstrates Vidsys technology used to ensure school safety

Under the leadership of Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz, Official Baltimore County Police & Fire Police Officers have upgraded the technology used to ensure public and school safety. With access to LIVE footage for all Baltimore County Public Schools and branches of the Baltimore County Public Librarysystem, Officers are able to monitor and protect all Baltimore County students, faculty and staff! #AEW2017 #BaltCoSafe#BaltCoProud.

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Baltimore County investing $13.6M in school security

Below see an excerpt from about Vidsys’ work with Baltimore County.

BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. (WMAR) – School violence is a concern for every parent, and now Baltimore County officials are working to keep students safe.

The district is investing millions of dollars in technology for cameras and door locks among other things.

Kevin Kamenetz, the Baltimore County Executive, is pouring $13.6 million into public schools. On Friday Kamenetz will highlight new security cameras and card reader door locks that will be installed in all elementary schools, as well as enhancements to safety measures in middle and high schools.

A video dashboard will allow authorities instant access to video feeds from the schools in case of emergency, and GPS units were installed in school buses.

Kamenetz will make the announcement at 11:00 Friday morning at Southwest Academy as part of American Education Week.

Read more about how Vidsys’ technology is being used by Baltimore County to create a safer community here.

Kamenetz Highlights $13.6 Million Investment in Safer, More Secure Schools

Below see an excerpt from Baltimore County News.

Integrated Video and Electronic Door Locks Facilitate Cohesive Public Safety Response

Technology and public safety took center stage today on the final day of American Education Week as Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz highlighted the $13.6 million in school security upgrades his administration has invested since 2011.

Baltimore County Police Chief Terrence Sheridan and Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) Chief Administrative and Operating Officer Kevin Smith joined the County Executive at Southwest Academy in Gwynn Oak to assert the value of their school safety partnership; including collaborative training and operations; and unprecedented investments in integrated security video technology, secure door access and school bus GPS technology.

“Thanks to our $1.3 billion Schools for Our Future program, we are creating modern, healthy learning environments for students all around Baltimore County, and a critical element in our investment is in ensuring that all of our schoolhouses are safe places for students and staff,” said Kamenetz.

“Safe, secure schools are of the utmost importance and these technology investments make sense in today’s world,” said Baltimore County Council Chair Tom Quirk.

Security Cameras and Card Reader Door Locks Now Installed in all County Schools

Since 2011, the Kamenetz administration has invested $13.6 million to safeguard schools by installing security cameras and card reader door locks in all Baltimore County elementary schools and enhancing these security measures in middle and high schools. This funding initiative increased the number of school cameras by 400%, from 1,150 to 4,600; newly installing them in all elementary schools, and enhancing existing cameras and adding them as needed in middle and high schools. In the same time frame, the number of card reader door locks in schools more than doubled from 261 to 583, providing an important measure of security for routine schooldays as well as in emergencies.

Integrated Video Dashboard Offers Police Real-Time Situational Awareness

The County is now completing the installation of video dashboard technology that provides public safety officials with instant access to video feeds from security cameras at schools, libraries and other public facilities; as well giving them direct access to live traffic cameras on state highways. GPS systems are now installed in County school buses through a partnership between County government and Baltimore County Public Schools.

Today’s event included a demonstration by a Baltimore County police officer of the video dashboard technology that provides responding officers with immediate, unfiltered situational awareness information when responding to an incident at a school.

Read more about how Vidsys’ technology is being used by Baltimore County to create a safer community here.

AsMag: Vidsys CSIM supports UAE smart city objectives through the Hassantuk Program

Below is an excerpt from AsMag, featuring Vidsys’ recent announcement that Injazat Data Systems will employ our CSIM platform as part of the UAE’s Hassantuk program.

This Smart and Safe City program aims to reduce the cost of inspecting buildings and provide central monitoring of fire and life safety events for over 150,000 buildings across the UAE. Legislation has been passed mandating all addressable buildings must connect to Hassantuk for monitoring equipment and provision of service. Injazat Data Systems is the service provider under the Ministry of Interior (MOI) for the ten-year Hassantuk program.

A centralized dashboard visualization layer will be provided by Vidsys CSIM, with a unified interface for operators on a 24×7 basis. The CSIM platform will provide filtering and correlation of all alarms and events based on location, type, and priority, and will present automated Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for the operator to follow dynamically, along with real-time reporting.

See the full announcement here.