International London-Based Port Turns to Vidsys

DP World London Gateway PortVidsys customer, DP World London Gateway sea-port, was recently interviewed by Security Management Magazine’s Podcast about its comprehensive security program, which is integrated and managed by Vidsys’ Converged Security and Information Management (CSIM) platform.

London Gateway Harbour Master & Head of ISPS Security, Colin Hitchcock, was tasked with finding a new integration and management platform that could pull in numerous physical and IT security sources and create an intelligent situational awareness platform.

“When looking for a system, I asked myself ‘Are they flexible and can they alter the platform to fit our needs?’” That’s why Hitchcock was thrilled when they found Vidsys.

CSIM is an integral part of London Gateway’s security system, and recently helped expose port intruders. The situational awareness system worked exactly as planned when the situation went from hypothetical to reality.

A Vidsys end-customer since 2016, London Gateway has also partnered with Vidsys on recent expansion projects. The trade-enabling port operator selected Vidsys due to its open platform architecture and vast agility for future growth and innovation while being able to manage all sensors and systems from one unified view.

The port is a 2 square mile area surround by an 11-kilometer fence line, creating a massive infrastructure to be monitored and managed. Through highly automated technology, Vidsys helps the port run all data through a 24/7 Security Control Room, with a separate control room reserved for elevated security alerts. A particular feature of the CSIM platform that the Hitchcock uses frequently is the innovative smart reporting capability.

“We chose Vidsys due to its constantly forward-thinking approach to innovation and security,” said Hitchcock. “Through the Vidsys platform, we are able to extend our ability to monitor the port, our assets, and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our security program.”

Vidsys CSIM also helps DP World London Gateway integrate Access Control, CCTV, Perimeter Intrusion Detection (PIDS) as well as Fire detection and Building Management and custom reporting capabilities. Vidsys meets all compliance standards and adheres to various security standards, including the International Port Security Code and Homeland Security protocols.

You can listen to the full Security Management podcast interview here.

Vidsys Launches New Release of Vidsys Enterprise 2019

New capabilities include synchronized playback, mobile-ready reporting, and HA mode installer

VIENNA, Va.–Vidsys today announced the release of its latest Converged Security and Information Management (CSIM) software platform, Vidsys Enterprise 2019 Release 1.0, enhancing the operator experience through the addition of the Synchronized Playback Studio. This capability enables simple retrospective incident investigation by synchronizing the playback of an unlimited number of video streams from a mixture of sources. Operators can employ fast forward/rewind speeds to scan through long periods of time and over large areas to identify the cause of an incident or situation.

This release adds multiple new reports available within Enterprise Business Intelligence (EBI) and delivers these via the existing Vidsys HTML5 Mobile client. All operators may now customize the Vidsys working environment to suit their individual display preferences using the new Font Scaling capability. 2019 R1.0 also provides a streamlined approach to deploying Vidsys in High Availability (HA) mode on select 3rd party environments. This release also shows Vidsys’ continued commitment and support to the EMEA region with the introduction of full Arabic translations for operator and administrator.

“Users will now be able to review and analyze multiple data feeds, including video perfectly synchronized to quickly identify specific incidents, their causes, and take proper action for resolution,” said Ted Kim, VP of Product Management of Vidsys. “The latest product launch at GSX signifies our continued commitment and investment in supporting the challenging and ever-changing needs of our loyal customers.”

About Vidsys

Headquartered in Vienna, Virginia, USA, Vidsys provides transformational Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) and Converged Security and Information Management (CSIM) software platform that has been adopted by some of the world’s leading brands and technology partners within key verticals including Transportation, Energy, Utility, Healthcare, and Government. Vidsys software has obtained the highest levels of information security and assurance from both top-tier global corporations and the US federal government.

Vidsys is hardware, protocol and device agnostic and offers bi-directional, a browser-based platform with industry-specific features and functions that allows sensors, devices, systems, subsystems, and services to be interconnected via APIs and SDKs. The platform collects, correlates and converts vast amounts of data into meaningful and actionable information, based on the organization’s risk policy, standards, and compliance requirements. By leveraging mobile and web-based technology, the software can be rapidly deployed and provides real-time situational awareness and information management capabilities.

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3 Trends We Expect to See at GSX 2018

With the Global Security Exchange (GSX) Conference a few days away, Vidsys is excited to be an active part of the many presentations, demos and the conversations around innovation in the security space.

After 63 years as the ASIS Annual Seminar and Exhibits, the newly rebranded GSX is the security industry’s flagship event. The organization expects to attract 550 exhibitors and more than 20,000 operational and cybersecurity professionals from all over the globe.

The exhibit hall will be transformed into a learning lab environment featuring thousands of security products, technologies, and service solutions, as well as immersive learning opportunities designed to connect the current threat landscape, as well as emerging risks, with leading solutions available in the marketplace.

The Xcelerated Exchange Stage, where Vidsys Founder and CEO James Chong will speak, provides a forum for the critical discussions that need to take place between practitioners and solution providers to proactively address the current and future security landscape.

As we approach the conference, here are 3 top trends we expect to see at GSX this year.

Drones Take Video Surveillance to the Next Level – Drones, formally known as Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), are changing the face of security surveillance. New cameras, sensors and safety technology, in addition to a workable regulatory environment, make drones are not only practical but the preferred method for large venue surveillance.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Takes Center Stage – Next-generation AI and video analytics technology are going to be center-stage at GSX. AI technology innovation will help further expand the application and use of AI and video analytics to solve real-world challenges. AI can help facilitate sophisticated risk or incident detection and automatic notification, which can support an overall security program immensely.

Physical and Cyber Security Converging – In 2018, convergence is finally being received and understood as a critical element of security as being part of a larger risk management area. This includes cybersecurity, logical security, merging with physical and electronic security when all combined creates a converged security solution. As we now are seeing, organizational convergence where CSOs are in charge of both physical and cyber security, and technologies in the industry. We believe that this is an exciting movement towards where the future of the Internet of Things (IoT is happening)

To learn more about Vidsys’ presence at the conference, including Vidsys CEO James Chong’s presentation about CSIM (September 25 at 11 a.m. PDT at the Xcelerated Exchange Stage, GSX Show Floor) and the Intelligent GSOC hosted by Vidsys with Micro Focus (September 25-27, Booth 1171), click here.

If you will be at GSX this year and are interested in receiving an in-depth demo of our Intelligent GSOC  with Vidsys and Micro Focus, you can get more information and sign up here.

Looking Ahead To GSX 2018

We’re excited for another exciting conference with ASIS at the newly re-branded Global Security Exchange (GSX) Conference this year!

Vidsys will be partnering with Micro Focus to bring back the Intelligent Global Security Operations Center (GSOC), providing conference attendees with hands-on demonstrations and an interactive experience.

Additionally, GSX has selected our CEO James Chong to speak about Converged Security and Information Management (CSIM) on the Xcelerated Exchange Stage, where he will share how the market is shifting and PSIM is evolving to the future of security – CSIM.

Interested in where we’ll be during GSX? Read on to find out about our presence at this newly re-branded show!

Intelligent GSOC hosted by Vidsys with Micro Focus

September 25-27, Booth 1171

Networked systems and applied technologies are presenting security management professionals with rising levels of information outputs and data, which provides unparalleled levels of insight for any number of commercial, industrial and government users. Unfortunately, these systems also present major security vulnerabilities. Their networked capabilities means that it has a higher need for better understanding and vigilance when it comes to information security.

To address these challenges, Micro Focus and Vidsys have jointly developed a solution – the Intelligent Global Security Operations Center (GSOC).

When visiting the Intelligent GSOC at booth 1171, GSX attendees will learn to accelerate effective decisions and actions by enabling:

  • Real-time processing of data that is diverse in format and in origin
  • Automated analysis to identify issues or potential threats
  • Streamlined workflow for alerts and responses
  • Open standards connectivity to 3rd party systems for easy integration

Interested in signing up for a one-on-one demo? Click here.

CSIM Keynote featuring Vidsys CEO James Chong

September 25 at 11 a.m. PDT, GSX Show Floor

As part of the Xcelerated Exchange Stage on the GSX show floor, our CEO and founder James Chong will be speaking about the rise of CSIM. The goal of the Xcelerated Exchange Stage is to foster critical conversations, specifically between security practitioners and representatives of the manufacturer and supplier community.

Guests can expect to hear James to discuss the evolution of Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) to CSIM. CSIM extends software abilities beyond physical security by capturing and correlating data from multiple IT-security systems and information management systems. This advanced platform can be leveraged to support Smart City and IoT applications, in addition to a variety of use cases such as supply-chain systems, building management, logistics management, and manufacturing. These capabilities go beyond security and risk management by offering insights that can drive intelligent business decisions.

If you will be at GSX this year and are interested in receiving an in-depth demo of our Intelligent GSOC  with Vidsys and Micro Focus, you can get more information and sign up here.

What’s Next for PSIM? Converged Security Gives Rise to CSIM

Over the past 10 years, Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) has evolved tremendously outside of categories such as Video Management Systems (VMS), Access Control and Intrusion Detection, and companies worldwide have been using PSIM capabilities as a way to differentiate. Fast, integrated platforms offering real-time data and quick-reacting security solutions lay the foundation for this new digital movement. But as the security market continues to grow more crowded, creating reliable value-adds is an ongoing challenge for both vendors and integrators.

Legitimate PSIM is intelligent software that converts massive amounts of data into meaningful and actionable information by filtering and correlating the data based on time, location, duration, frequency, and type, and according to recent research, is estimated to be worth 112.43 Billion USD by 2021. While the definition of PSIM is often misunderstood as an integration platform or a command and control platform, the true nature of PSIM enterprise software is its capability to connect to other systems and subsystems including sensors and security and non-security related devices.

As PSIM has gained awareness globally, the demand for the software has increased and is driving large-scale projects, including many requests from U.S. federal government agencies. With customer and business process needs constantly evolving, software platforms must advance as well.

As innovations in PSIM continue, the platform has started to naturally shift towards a new platform, Converged Security and Information Management (CSIM).

CSIM extends software abilities beyond physical security by capturing and correlating data from multiple IT-security systems and information management systems. With capabilities for large-scale, widely dispersed customers, this advanced platform can be leveraged to support Smart City and IoT applications, in addition to a variety of use cases such as supply-chain systems, building management, logistics management, and manufacturing. CSIM can support customers globally where enhanced Enterprise Data Visualization and Enterprise Business Intelligence are integral features for reporting in real-time. Overall, the capabilities go beyond security and risk management by offering insights that can drive intelligent business decisions.

As the transition from PSIM to CSIM continues, there is a more formal cooperation between previously contrasting functions like physical security and IT security, and a substantial union between CSOs and CIOs has formed, encouraging organizational and operational convergences to align. In order to become more efficient and reduce risk to the organization, merging functions involves both process and accountability, accomplishing true business integrations around risk and compliance.

The shift to CSIM software can be leveraged globally by organizations and multi-site enterprises to garner beneficial, real-time situational awareness and management abilities, and can consolidate big data analytics tools, social media, and other intelligence inputs and tie in internal challenges with external threats. Now, enterprise leaders can have an extensive understanding of where threats are happening and their potential impact, allowing a more precise understanding of when and where crucial resources may be needed.

Interested in learning more about a CSIM solution for your business? Check out the Vidsys CSIM solution here.

IFSEC 2018 Recap: Vidsys CEO Keynote, the Converged Security Center, and Top Security Trends

Vidsys recently had the privilege of hosting the Converged Security Operations Center (SOC) at IFSEC 2018 in London. IFSEC International is Europe’s leading security event, bringing together 27,000 security professionals from around the globe with a commitment to co-creating the future of integrated security.

The Converged Security Center demonstrated how the latest networked technologies can provide security professionals with actionable business intelligence. With groups of over 40 people at a time, the Vidsys team gave hourly presentations to those interested in learning more about what converged security can do for their organization. Visitors received advice on how to secure increasing volumes of information through the synergy of physical and cybersecurity technologies.

Two of Vidsys’ partners, Micro Focus and Unisys, were part of the Converged SOC as well. Micro Focus demonstrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine-to-machine (M2M) learning integrated with the Vidsys platform, while Unisys demonstrated how cybersecurity solutions can integrate with the Vidsys platform to provide holistic security for organizations.

Vidsys Founder and CEO, James Chong, took to the main stage as a keynote speaker, presenting how the newest cyber-physical security technologies can achieve converged security resilience in front of a massive audience of security professionals.

Watch the keynote presentation here.

Additionally, Vidsys announced its latest version of its Converged Security Information Management (CSIM) platform – Vidsys Enterprise 2018 – at the conference, which includes new features such as User Customization, User Interface Modernization, and Significant Performance Accelerators (read the full announcement here.)

IFSEC 2018 proved to be a successful week for the Vidsys team! We enjoyed meeting security professionals from around the world, making connections, and sharing knowledge of converged security through hands-on demonstrations, and we look forward to attending again next year.

Vidsys Named Milestone Systems’ Solution Partner of the Year For 2017

Vidsys is excited to announce that we were given a ‘Solution Partner of the Year 2017’ award from Milestone Systems at its recent MPOP Middle East 2018 event on May 11th in Dubai. Phil Stockham, VP of Operations EMEA at Vidsys, received the award on behalf of our regional team.

This award recognizes the volume of mutual successful reference projects and customers Vidsys has in the safe city, critical infrastructure and enterprise sectors alongside Milestone. It also highlights the complementary nature of Vidsys and Milestone technologies to power large-scale deployments through a best of breed approach to security with VMS, combined with Converged Security and Information Management (CSIM) situation management software.

Vidsys and Milestone have been able to achieve monumental success on various projects throughout the region by working closely and coordinating efforts across teams.

The Vidsys team sends a big thanks to Milestone for recognizing the value of our partnership, and we look forward to continuing to collaborate and innovate together!

Safer and smarter transportation system by Intelligent GSOC

Cities are growing at the rate of 10,000 people per hour1! Rapid rate of urbanization and escalating security threats are stressing transportation systems in an unprecedented manner. Sliding traffic efficiency and rising public safety risk continue to pose headaches to transportation agencies.  Any incident has the potential of causing significant disruptions and casualties.  Operators responsible for monitoring, detecting, analyzing and reacting to incidents are bombarded with an avalanche of operational data from CCTVs, sensors, transactions, social media, which far exceed human’s capability to process in real-time.   From getting the necessary information for effective decisions to executing such decisions to either preempt or react in time to minimize negative impact, every second counts.  How can the operator take full advantage of an abundance of data quick enough to get the right insight for action so they don’t miss a beat?

Intelligent GSOC (Global Security Operation Center), a joint solution developed by Vidsys, a leader in Converged Security + Information Management (CSIM), and Micro Focus (formerly Hewlett Packard Enterprise), a leader in  AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered analytics (Micro Focus IDOL) for text, video, image and audio, automates the end-to-end process of data ingestion, analysis, and workflow management.  Its intuitive visualization enables operators to quickly access vital information and trigger actions in a consistent fashion based upon established protocols and policies.

This highly customizable and proven solution has been deployed globally including Auckland, New Zealand, in support of its Future Cities initiative.  To learn more about how the Intelligent GSOC can take your transportation system to the next level, please register here for a demo briefing at the ISC West conference, taking place April 11-13 in Las Vegas.

– Cisco Unveils ‘Cisco Smart City’ As Model for Digital India; Marks Next Phase of Expansion In India


Joe Leung
Joe has over 13 years of experience in technology marketing and is currently focused on the analytics solution portfolio. Prior to this role, he was responsible for product marketing of the enterprise application data management solution.

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Vidsys New Video Connectors: Latest Versions of Salient, Bosch, NUOO, Avigilon ACC and More

The Vidsys team is excited to announce our second entry in our new blog series – Integrations and Connectors – where we highlight new connectors and integrations that are available with our technology platform. Our Converged Security and Information Management (CSIM) software has the ability to integrate any type of software or physical hardware technology with our system.

Vidsys is pleased to announce the addition of the following video connectors to its existing library of connectors:

  1. Salient CompleteView v4.7
  2. Bosch Video SDK v6.11
  3. NUOO v4.6
  4. Avigilon ACC v6.4

Using Vidsys’ CSIM Platform, security organizations can integrate and analyze information from traditional physical security devices and systems, and resolve situations in real time.

Vidsys NVR connectors integrate 3rd party NVR/DVR’s with Vidsys CSIM software, allowing operators to view real-time and recorded video from their desktops.  Video can be displayed in response to manual user selection and can be automatically displayed when an event detected by CSIM-integrated access control, intrusion detection or another system is reported.

CSIM operators can control PTZ cameras and playback stored video using standard controls (forward, pause, reverse, etc.) that are consistent across different video recorder products.  Operators may define and store video clips and snapshots in CSIM situation records to facilitate post-event analysis.

Vidsys offers a growing list of connectors that enable integration between the Vidsys CSIM platform and other industry-leading converged and physical security products.

If you would like to find out more about this integration or other integrations, contact us here for more information or a demo.

Three Security Trends Poised to Take off in 2018

The past year has been a difficult one for those handling security in global enterprises – in fact, there was at least one major hack, breach or security flaw each month of 2017. With the surge of cyber attacks, ongoing weather catastrophes, global tensions, mass violence and terrorism, security plans have been put to the test to ensure business continuity and employee safety. As organizations adapt to handle a wider assortment of challenges and risks in 2018, we are sharing three trends that will impact organization security plans this year.

Move beyond “real-time monitoring” – Almost all companies spend time monitoring for risks in real-time for physical and cyber security. It is time for companies to invest resources in an effort to assess this gathered information and switch from a reactive approach to a proactive approach to better understand and manage operational risk.

Simplified security solutions – With each security breach, companies have a chance to learn valuable information and create greater awareness about the importance of comprehensive security programs. Learning from events like the Equifax breach that could have been prevented – if Equifax had fixed the security flaws that they previously acknowledged – organizations must learn to explain technical security concepts more simply so that employees and the general public will be more likely to follow safe security practices.

Companies will Lean on Smart Security Technology – A lack of skilled security specialists will prove the increasing need for smart technology that can help pull together data from various disparate security platforms and facilitate data analysis. As organizations find that security roles are more difficult to fill, technology will play a crucial role in filling the gaps. A centralized dashboard can allow a single security decision maker to increase their effectiveness through automating certain tasks and data analysis through rules and regulations set by each individual business.

Moving forward into 2018, organizations should be fully prepared for any security issues that arise. Although discussing security plans can be a difficult task, conversations must take place to transition into a proactive year, rather than another reactive one.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive, browser-based and easy-to-install security platform that leverages your existing resources to make your security solution smarter, contact Vidsys here for a free consultation.