Maritime Logistics: An Integrated High-tech Approach to Port Security

DP World employs a sophisticated Vidsys technology platform to eliminate stovepipes and integrate myriad security solutions.

DP World London Gateway provides deep-sea shipping access to one the largest consumer markets in the U.K. Naturally, the task of keeping all of that safe from outside threats, while also balancing that important task with the need to ensure an efficient intermodal supply chain is no easy task. That’s because this facility routinely intercepts stolen vehicles, narcotics and illegal immigrants while working closely with local and London MET police, the U.K. highways agency and the Ministry of Defense.

Like any port terminal, DP world London Gateway employs dozens of methods and equipment packages to ensure safety. All of that produces an avalanche of data and information too broad even for the best of security watch teams to take in. From the beginning, the port sought out an integrated security platform to provide better situational awareness and data analytics capabilities. Eventually, they turned to Vidsys.

How It Works
Vidsys provides a Converged Security & Information Management (CSIM) software platform solution. CSIM software is a force multiplier especially for organizations with a large physical footprint because the software geospatially aligns information and assets into a single user interface. CSIM has five core areas of functionality: it collects, analyzes, verifies, resolves and tracks information. Eliminating stovepiped data streams, its rules engine and workflow tools give management the ability to pre-determine what data should be correlated and what should be filtered out. CSIM software uses filtering rules based on time, location, duration, frequency and type.
The term “force multiplier” is much used but often misunderstood concept. For Vidsys customers, it means that an organization might be able to reduce headcount in their security teams, but that isn’t necessarily what it is all about. Using personnel more effectively and empowering them with the right information and tools, a facility can increase its security coverage by combining technology and people.
Real port security doesn’t just involve what’s inside the fence. That’s because port authorities and terminals that were previously focused inside the perimeter can now collaborate with outside law enforcement and first responders. That interoperability enhances Maritime Domain Awareness. So, when a threat occurs it can be resolved accurately, efficiently and consistently.
CSIM provides the ability to manage situations in real-time. First responders, supervisors, IT staff and senior executives with authorized credentials can access CSIM from anywhere via mobile device (tablet, cell phone) for enhanced situational awareness. Mobility is more important than ever. A true web-based and open architecture platform, Vidsys is fully enabled for mobile users. Decision makers from a single organization or multiple entities can collaborate real-time and to share time-sensitive, actionable information both with executives and incident responders via mobile devices.
Colin Hitchcock, Harbor Master & Head of ISPS security at DP World’s London Gateway explained, “Through the Vidsys platform, we are able to extend our ability to monitor the port, our assets, and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our security program.” The two-square-mile area port is surrounded by an 11 kilometer fenceline, creating a massive infrastructure to be monitored and managed.
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Global Converged Security Company, Vidsys, Expands Presence In Boston to Support Rapid Growth

New Facility includes Technology Integration and Testing Lab, GSOC Live Demo Room and Partner Training Center

Through its enterprise software platform that collects, filters, correlates, and presents critical data from network and security systems and social media feeds, Vidsys has built its success on its ability to prepare businesses, government organizations and cities, in over 15 countries worldwide for physical and cyber security risks and attacks.

Vidsys, which is headquartered in the Washington DC area, is excited to announce its expanded presence in the Boston metroplex.  Vidsys was the first tenant to secure and expand their offices in the newly developed 43-Acre Apex Center of New England campus.

The new Vidsys facility includes meeting spaces, a technology lab, and training center that will host the company’s key partners, integrators and customers to provide certification and hands-on administrator training on the Vidsys platform.  A Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) with a full video wall – and other partner technologies integrated with the Vidsys software – is equipped to demonstrate dozens of specific vertical market solutions, including Smart Transportation, Smart Building, and Safe City applications.

Vidsys’ software increases situational awareness and situation management for customers, which aids its customers in managing their business risk by creating a versatile, unified view of threats and incidents while facilitating collaboration among operators, managers, and other stakeholders.

“Our expansion and continued investment in the Boston region represents where Vidsys is headed as a company,” said James I. Chong, Founder and CEO of Vidsys. “We are excited to be expanding to this new campus in Marlborough to continue our support to our local community, global customers and industry partners, and expand collaboration space for our employees who are key to our company’s success.”

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Safer and smarter transportation system by Intelligent GSOC

Cities are growing at the rate of 10,000 people per hour1! Rapid rate of urbanization and escalating security threats are stressing transportation systems in an unprecedented manner. Sliding traffic efficiency and rising public safety risk continue to pose headaches to transportation agencies.  Any incident has the potential of causing significant disruptions and casualties.  Operators responsible for monitoring, detecting, analyzing and reacting to incidents are bombarded with an avalanche of operational data from CCTVs, sensors, transactions, social media, which far exceed human’s capability to process in real-time.   From getting the necessary information for effective decisions to executing such decisions to either preempt or react in time to minimize negative impact, every second counts.  How can the operator take full advantage of an abundance of data quick enough to get the right insight for action so they don’t miss a beat?

Intelligent GSOC (Global Security Operation Center), a joint solution developed by Vidsys, a leader in Converged Security + Information Management (CSIM), and Micro Focus (formerly Hewlett Packard Enterprise), a leader in  AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered analytics (Micro Focus IDOL) for text, video, image and audio, automates the end-to-end process of data ingestion, analysis, and workflow management.  Its intuitive visualization enables operators to quickly access vital information and trigger actions in a consistent fashion based upon established protocols and policies.

This highly customizable and proven solution has been deployed globally including Auckland, New Zealand, in support of its Future Cities initiative.  To learn more about how the Intelligent GSOC can take your transportation system to the next level, please register here for a demo briefing at the ISC West conference, taking place April 11-13 in Las Vegas.

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