Vidsys included in GE Guest Article on Smart Cities Council

Don’t get left behind: plan your communications network

The technology advances that have changed our personal lives are now transforming cities. There’s just one barrier: your communications network.

Remember life before cell phones?

“Calls on the go” were made from phone booths … if we had coins. Navigating to a destination while driving? A passenger would carefully unfold paper maps so that they wouldn’t get in the driver’s way. Re-folding maps properly was an exercise in futility. Taking a photo involved carrying a clunky camera and dropping off rolls of film. With a bit of luck and a few extra dollars for expedited developing services, you could even get your paper prints in 24 hours. Imagine that!

Life is so utterly different now, thanks to the ubiquity of mobile wireless network infrastructure and the ever-expanding set of applications available on smartphones.

Cities are now at this type of “remember when” juncture because of the transformational change enabled by new digital sensor infrastructure. While early generation smart city technology was application specific, new smart city infrastructure benefits a variety of market segments. Below, we will have a look at some industries that find value in new smart city sensor data.

Much like the ecosystem unlocked by mobile wireless networks, smart city digital infrastructure facilitates a new ecosystem of solution providers from various industries that coalesce around the value of this sensor data. Cities that adopt this new smart city technology will operate more efficiently and effectively, surging to the forefront of the world’s most advanced cities…

Enhancing public safety and mitigating crime
A smart city solution that monitors the pulse of a city also enables advances in public safety by enhancing technologies that help prevent emergencies from occurring and those that efficiently manage responses to emergencies. For instance, real-time sensors can be used to improve situational awareness in security management platforms, such as those offered by Genetec and Vidsys. This sensor data is also valuable in reducing the likelihood of a crime occurring, which is the focus of HunchLab by Azavea and PredPol. Last but not least, ShotSpotter leverages smart city digital infrastructure to expand real-time critical gunfire intelligence coverage areas, which helps make cities safer…

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Super Bowl LIVE: Temporary Event Deployment Webinar

Super Bowl LIVE spanned 10 days, covered 17 acres, and brought in massive crowds. An event like this creates logistical, safety, and traffic challenges on an enormous scale. In order for the end user to successfully manage a special event of this size it requires effective partnerships between multiple security solutions and companies. With the help of the Vidsys CSIM platform, Axis network cameras, and others, the City of Houston successfully managed this event.

In this special webinar you will hear directly from the end user, Jack Hanagriff, Law Enforcement Liaison for the City of Houston. It is hosted by Roberto Mandanas of Vidsys, an Axis Application Development Partner, and Avi Miller, Customer Reference Coordinator at Axis.

Jack details the scope of the entire solution and how all players worked together. The webinar wraps up with an interview session focused on Jack’s experience as an end user, lessons learned, and biggest hurdles.

Check out this special opportunity to hear about the success of such a large scale collaboration!

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Officer.Com Featured Vidsys’ Smart City Solution & Partnership with Current CityIQ

 Vidsys’ Smart City Solution – Partnership with Current CityIQ

Vidsys partnered with Current, powered by GE, to offer a smart city IoT sensor network that provides actionable intelligence for urban environments.

Powered by Predix™, GE’s platform for the Industrial Internet, Current’s CityIQ intelligent nodes are placed on street light poles where they will collect and analyze vast amounts of real-time data that is made actionable via APIs to the Vidsys platform. Sensor data from CityIQ will be integrated into the Vidsys platform and displayed through a unified dashboard with an easy-to-use interface. Through a custom API-enabled platform, Vidsys software provides integration with security sensors, IoT devices and supports the actionable intelligence and data correlation that powers the solution.  It also supports third party systems such as building management, traffic management systems and other sensors and applications.

An important benefit of Smart City solutions is increased safety. The pedestrian, traffic, and parking planning metadata exposed by Current’s smart city sensor networks enables improved situational awareness for Vidsys’ CSIM solutions. This means that creating a risk management and public safety platform is essential to building a smart infrastructure from the ground up.

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Announcing Vidsys Enterprise 2017 Release 1.3

Vidsys has launched the latest version of Vidsys Enterprise – Release 1.3

The latest version of our Converged Security and Information Management (CSIM) software platfor incorporates new tools and capabilities as well as enhances the platform’s intuitiveness for the operator.

Originally launched in June 2016, Vidsys Enterprise increased the capabilities of the Vidsys CSIM software platform in enterprise deployments through features such as the Enterprise Business Intelligence (EBI) and the Virtual Situation Management (VSM) dashboards. These features provide a consolidated view of Situations across multiple independent Vidsys Enterprise servers, and increase support across large organizations who needed to quickly and efficiently address multiple Situations or locations at once. The Enterprise Data Visualization component (EDV) receives and correlates data generated outside the customer’s environment to notify them of potential impact to their personnel, resources, facilities, and brand.

Release 1.3 provides additional feature performance improvements to the software that will increase efficiency and overall user experience in the platform. The Vidsys reporting engine, Enterprise Business Intelligence, has been updated with new reports to facilitate quick and simple reporting by location. Additionally, to support the fundamental security of the solution and its underlying technologies, Release 1.3 incorporates the latest version of JAVA environment (8u111).

Other new features include:

  • Health Monitoring Dashboard
  • Vidsys Video Wall for Enterprise 2017
  • Video Export Manager
  • CCTV PTZ Request & Override
  • ESRI ArcGIS Map Integration Enhancements
  • Customized Floorplan Links
  • Optimized Responders List
  • Situation Detail Pages

The Release 1.3 launch reflects a number of upgrades to improve ease of use and to better serve our customers. We’re excited to roll out this new version of Enterprise and its key new features that will greatly improve how customers can get the most from our platform.

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Medical Device News Magazine features Vidsys Enterprise Release 1.3

Medical Device News Magazine featured Vidsys Enterprise Release 1.3. See an excerpt from the announcement below.

Vidsys Launches New Enterprise Release at ISC West 2017

Enhanced Capabilities Include Real-Time Health Monitoring Dashboard and Advanced Interactive Video Distribution Console

Vidsys announced the release of its latest Converged Security and Information Management (CSIM) software platform, Vidsys Enterprise 2017 Release 1.3, to incorporate new advanced tools and capabilities, including a real-time system health monitoring application as well as key operator user experience features.

The latest release provides performance improvements to the Vidsys reporting engine, video management integration features, multi-user device control and collaboration, and additional platform information security…

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Vidsys Included In Police Chief Magazine’s Buyer’s Guide

Each year Police Chief Magazine features the latest products and services available to law enforcement. The annual Police Chief Buyer’s Guide is the most important tool available to law enforcement executives putting together their equipment budgets, and the only buyers’ guide supported by more than a century of IACP services and experience.  It features the latest products and services that are selected for inclusion by the Police Chief Magazine staff.

This year, Vidsys was featured in both the 2017 Buyers’ Guide: Provider Directory and the 2017 Buyers’ Guide: Products & Services.

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Security Magazine: Preparing for the big game with Vidsys’ Security Partner Axis

Below is an excerpt from Security Magazine’s article about Axis’ work with the City of Houston at Super Bowl Live, which includes Vidsys.


With over one million people expected through downtown for Super Bowl LIVE, the City of Houston needed to upgrade its existing camera system to address the needs of law enforcement in the area. A number of moving and temporary structures created a chaotic deployment while wireless interference throughout downtown was an issue in streaming the camera data back to the City’s two primary command posts, the Real Time Crime Center and Emergency Operations Center.


The City of Houston utilized a selection of Axis network cameras, including PTZ, thermal and flexible options to cover all bases. Streaming through a combination of fiber and wireless provided by Verizon Wireless and Siklu respectively, the City was able to gather data at a fluid pace and keep alert as needed in case of incidents.,,

Considering the exorbitant number of people expected in the city for the events leading up to the big game, wireless signals and congestion were a large cause for concern. The City’s camera system, regularly functioning over wireless, would need a new plan to transmit supplementary video feeds. The first measure taken on by Verizon Wireless was the addition of a fiber backbone running under Discovery Green through to the command post in the George R. Brown Convention Center.

Verizon also built out a small command center in its promotional building in Discovery Green, using its own cloud VMS platform to view the cameras. The City of Houston utilized its preexisting Vidsys CSIM to bring in all of the active camera feeds for its own needs…

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Security Middle East Magazine: Vidsys teams up with with UAE for Smart Cities

Security Middle East featured Vidsys and neXgen’s partnership announcement in their latest print issue. Click here to see the online version of the article.

Business Intelligence Middle East: Leading smart city platform to launch new Dubai program

See an excerpt from Business Intelligence Middle East’s feature of Vidsys and neXgen’s new program. 

Through the new solution offering (with Vidsys), neXgen customers will have access to Smart Safety & Security as a managed service with customization based on individual business needs. The platform is part of a broader Smart City initiative across neXgen’s Middle East network. The Middle East North Africa (MENA) digital transformation market is projected to expand at a CAGR of 15.1% from 2014 to 2020.

Countries, including the UAE, are increasingly introducing e-Government and smart city initiatives, with the objective to transform themselves into digitally-enabled countries.

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Vidsys and HPE Intelligent GSOC Featured on Security Info Watch

This is an excerpt from Security Info Watch online’s feature of Vidsys and Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s launch of a Global Security Operations Center at ISC West.

Through combining HPE IDOL and HPE Vertica Analytics Platform from Hewlett Packard Enterprise with Vidsys’ CSIM and event injection API interface, the Intelligent GSOC will showcase the latest converged security and safe city solutions.

Vidsys, the leading global software technology manufacturer of Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) and Converged Security and Information Management (CSIM) software, today announced the launch of a simulated Intelligent Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) at ISC West in Las Vegas, NV. Through combining HPE IDOL and HPE Vertica Analytics Platform from Hewlett Packard Enterprise with Vidsys’ CSIM and event injection API interface, the Intelligent GSOC will showcase the latest converged security and safe city solutions.

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