Ensuring the safety and security of individuals in the daily hustle and bustle at airports is a great concern worldwide.  From passenger checkpoints to cleared terminal areas, baggage screening and parking garages ensuring safe travel requires coordination and collaboration across multiple agencies.  Additionally, it requires data integration from hundreds of video devices, motion detectors, fire alarms, CBRNE devices and access control systems, to obtain a complete view of a potential security incident.


  • Creating one complete view of what is happening
  • Real-time monitoring of terminals, parking lots, perimeter fences,  visitors and baggage
  • Coordinating response activities across multiple individuals, agencies, and officials

The VidSys PSIM software platform

The VidSys Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software platform helps airports:

  • Improve situation response times and minimizes risk.
  • Create a common operating picture that allows for rapid situation awareness, management and real-time resolution.
  • Correlate data from multiple security devices and systems to resolve a situation.
  • Integrate multiple video solutions into one real-time view.
  • Facilitate collaboration and sharing of information – public and private.
  • Conduct post situation compliance and investigative reporting.

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