Vidsys Named Milestone Systems’ Solution Partner of the Year For 2017

Vidsys is excited to announce that we were given a ‘Solution Partner of the Year 2017’ award from Milestone Systems at its recent MPOP Middle East 2018 event on May 11th in Dubai. Phil Stockham, VP of Operations EMEA at Vidsys, received the award on behalf of our regional team.

This award recognizes the volume of mutual successful reference projects and customers Vidsys has in the safe city, critical infrastructure and enterprise sectors alongside Milestone. It also highlights the complementary nature of Vidsys and Milestone technologies to power large-scale deployments through a best of breed approach to security with VMS, combined with Converged Security and Information Management (CSIM) situation management software.

Vidsys and Milestone have been able to achieve monumental success on various projects throughout the region by working closely and coordinating efforts across teams.

The Vidsys team sends a big thanks to Milestone for recognizing the value of our partnership, and we look forward to continuing to collaborate and innovate together!

IFSEC to feature Converged Security Centre

Below is an expert from ITS International covering IFSEC International 2018 featuring the Converged Security Centre hosted by Vidsys.

Security trade show IFSEC International 2018 is to include a dedicated learning and demonstration zone which promises “a real-time immersive experience of integrated physical and cyber security” for the first time. The Converged Security Centre is hosted by Vidsys, whose converged security and information management (CSIM)  architecture will feature prominently. “We believe there is an immediate need for a converged security solution that unifies monitoring of both physical and cyber security under one, unified platform,” says Vidsys CEO James I. Chong.

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IFSEC International 2018 announces the Converged Security Centre powered by Vidsys

IFSEC International 2018 will host  a dedicated learning and demonstration area where visitors will benefit from a real-time immersive experience of integrated physical and cybersecurity.

Networked systems and applied technologies are presenting security management professionals with rising levels of information outputs and data, which are rapidly becoming core aspects of their business strategies. The business intelligence available from this deepening level of integration is now a core competency, providing commercial, industrial and government users with unparalleled levels of insight.

However, these systems also represent major security vulnerabilities; the nature of their networked capabilities means there is a strengthening need for higher levels of understanding and vigilance in combating threats to information security. It’s a simple equation: greater complexity of technologies will lead to greater threats. This is where IFSEC, Vidsys and their partners can provide the solutions.

In this new world of converged security networks and information software, IFSEC is pleased to announce the introduction of the Converged Security Centre at this year’s show, taking place at ExCeL London between  19-21 June. IFSEC has worked closely with key thought leaders in this space, including James Willison, Founder, Unified Security Ltd, and Sarb Sembhi CISO, Virtually Informed Ltd.

Cross-functional security teams

Together they have long advocated the use of converged technological solutions managed by cross-functional security teams to identify and mitigate security risks to organisations. In the development of the centre, IFSEC and Unified Security recognised the capabilities of Vidsys’ CSIM solution and their partners.

The Converged Security Centre will be powered by the experts at Vidsys, the pioneering architects of Converged Security and Information Management (CSIM), to offer visitors a real-time immersive experience of an integrated cyber physical SOC, demonstrating ways to enable multi-disciplinary security teams to respond to the whole range of security risks across an enterprise.

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Vidsys and Micro Focus Showcase Intelligent GSOC Joint Solution at ISC West 2018

The Global Converged Security and Data Analytics Companies Will Showcase Their Joint-Solution Intelligent Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) During Annual Security Conference

VIENNA, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Vidsys, the global leader in Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) and Converged Security and Information Management (CSIM) software, today announced its joint solution Intelligent Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) showcase with Micro Focus at ISC West in Las Vegas, NV.

Public and private sector organizations worldwide face an increasing array of challenges when it comes to security including escalating threats, the risk of oversight and false alarms, data overload, and the demand for a faster response to any threats they may face.

To address these challenges, Micro Focus and Vidsys have jointly developed a solution – the Intelligent GSOC – that can accelerate effective decisions and actions by enabling the following:

  • Real-time processing of data that is diverse in format (e.g. video, image, audio, text, logs, transactions) and in origin (e.g. CCTV corporate databases, email, sensor, social media, broadcast media)
  • Automated analysis to identify issues or potential threats
  • Streamlined workflow for alerts and responses
  • Open standards connectivity to 3rd party systems for easy integration

The real-world applications for the GSOC are far-reaching, including event security, smart transportation, critical infrastructure, and many other security and mission-critical operations where it is essential for organizations to make decisions, quickly and effectively.

“The combination of Micro Focus’ AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered analytics platform, IDOL, with Vidsys’ CSIM platform enables our customers to simplify situation management and improve situational awareness,” said James I. Chong, CEO of Vidsys. “This integrated joint solution from two global enterprise software companies takes customers and partners to the next level of intelligent security and risk management, and we’re excited to launch this offering at ISC West with Micro Focus.”

“Partnering with Vidsys allows us to help our customers combat a wide variety of threats by accelerating converged security innovation,” said Ken Muir, Vice President and General Manager of IDOL, Micro Focus. “We look forward to providing organizations with automated 3600 real-time analytical insights needed to help address present and future challenges.”

Vidsys and Micro Focus will offer live demonstrations of the Intelligent GSOC during the ISC West show at the Sands Expo, Las Vegas, in Bellini Room 2106 on April 11 – 13. ISC West 2018 is the largest security industry trade show in the United States, bringing together over 30,000 security professionals and over 1,000 exhibitors and brands.

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About Vidsys

Headquartered in Vienna, Virginia, USA, Vidsys provides transformational Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) and Converged Security and Information Management (CSIM) software that has been adopted by some of the world’s leading brands and technology partners within key verticals, including Transportation, Energy, Utility, Healthcare, and Government. Vidsys software has obtained highest levels of information security and assurance from both top-tier global corporations and the US federal government.

Vidsys is hardware, protocol, and device agnostic, and offers bi-directional, browser-based platform with industry-specific features and functions that allow sensors, devices, systems, subsystems, and services to be interconnected via open architecture APIs and SDKs. The platform collects, correlates and converts vast amounts of data into meaningful and actionable information, based on the organization’s risk policy, standards, and compliance requirements. By leveraging mobile and web-based technology, the software can be rapidly deployed and provides real-time situational awareness and information management capabilities. For more info, please visit

Maritime Logistics: An Integrated High-tech Approach to Port Security

DP World employs a sophisticated Vidsys technology platform to eliminate stovepipes and integrate myriad security solutions.

DP World London Gateway provides deep-sea shipping access to one the largest consumer markets in the U.K. Naturally, the task of keeping all of that safe from outside threats, while also balancing that important task with the need to ensure an efficient intermodal supply chain is no easy task. That’s because this facility routinely intercepts stolen vehicles, narcotics and illegal immigrants while working closely with local and London MET police, the U.K. highways agency and the Ministry of Defense.

Like any port terminal, DP world London Gateway employs dozens of methods and equipment packages to ensure safety. All of that produces an avalanche of data and information too broad even for the best of security watch teams to take in. From the beginning, the port sought out an integrated security platform to provide better situational awareness and data analytics capabilities. Eventually, they turned to Vidsys.

How It Works
Vidsys provides a Converged Security & Information Management (CSIM) software platform solution. CSIM software is a force multiplier especially for organizations with a large physical footprint because the software geospatially aligns information and assets into a single user interface. CSIM has five core areas of functionality: it collects, analyzes, verifies, resolves and tracks information. Eliminating stovepiped data streams, its rules engine and workflow tools give management the ability to pre-determine what data should be correlated and what should be filtered out. CSIM software uses filtering rules based on time, location, duration, frequency and type.
The term “force multiplier” is much used but often misunderstood concept. For Vidsys customers, it means that an organization might be able to reduce headcount in their security teams, but that isn’t necessarily what it is all about. Using personnel more effectively and empowering them with the right information and tools, a facility can increase its security coverage by combining technology and people.
Real port security doesn’t just involve what’s inside the fence. That’s because port authorities and terminals that were previously focused inside the perimeter can now collaborate with outside law enforcement and first responders. That interoperability enhances Maritime Domain Awareness. So, when a threat occurs it can be resolved accurately, efficiently and consistently.
CSIM provides the ability to manage situations in real-time. First responders, supervisors, IT staff and senior executives with authorized credentials can access CSIM from anywhere via mobile device (tablet, cell phone) for enhanced situational awareness. Mobility is more important than ever. A true web-based and open architecture platform, Vidsys is fully enabled for mobile users. Decision makers from a single organization or multiple entities can collaborate real-time and to share time-sensitive, actionable information both with executives and incident responders via mobile devices.
Colin Hitchcock, Harbor Master & Head of ISPS security at DP World’s London Gateway explained, “Through the Vidsys platform, we are able to extend our ability to monitor the port, our assets, and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our security program.” The two-square-mile area port is surrounded by an 11 kilometer fenceline, creating a massive infrastructure to be monitored and managed.
Read the full article on Maritime Logistics here.

Global Converged Security Company, Vidsys, Expands Presence In Boston to Support Rapid Growth

New Facility includes Technology Integration and Testing Lab, GSOC Live Demo Room and Partner Training Center

Through its enterprise software platform that collects, filters, correlates, and presents critical data from network and security systems and social media feeds, Vidsys has built its success on its ability to prepare businesses, government organizations and cities, in over 15 countries worldwide for physical and cyber security risks and attacks.

Vidsys, which is headquartered in the Washington DC area, is excited to announce its expanded presence in the Boston metroplex.  Vidsys was the first tenant to secure and expand their offices in the newly developed 43-Acre Apex Center of New England campus.

The new Vidsys facility includes meeting spaces, a technology lab, and training center that will host the company’s key partners, integrators and customers to provide certification and hands-on administrator training on the Vidsys platform.  A Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) with a full video wall – and other partner technologies integrated with the Vidsys software – is equipped to demonstrate dozens of specific vertical market solutions, including Smart Transportation, Smart Building, and Safe City applications.

Vidsys’ software increases situational awareness and situation management for customers, which aids its customers in managing their business risk by creating a versatile, unified view of threats and incidents while facilitating collaboration among operators, managers, and other stakeholders.

“Our expansion and continued investment in the Boston region represents where Vidsys is headed as a company,” said James I. Chong, Founder and CEO of Vidsys. “We are excited to be expanding to this new campus in Marlborough to continue our support to our local community, global customers and industry partners, and expand collaboration space for our employees who are key to our company’s success.”

To learn more about the Vidsys platform, Enterprise 2018, click here.

Vidsys New Video Connectors: Latest Versions of Salient, Bosch, NUOO, Avigilon ACC and More

The Vidsys team is excited to announce our second entry in our new blog series – Integrations and Connectors – where we highlight new connectors and integrations that are available with our technology platform. Our Converged Security and Information Management (CSIM) software has the ability to integrate any type of software or physical hardware technology with our system.

Vidsys is pleased to announce the addition of the following video connectors to its existing library of connectors:

  1. Salient CompleteView v4.7
  2. Bosch Video SDK v6.11
  3. NUOO v4.6
  4. Avigilon ACC v6.4

Using Vidsys’ CSIM Platform, security organizations can integrate and analyze information from traditional physical security devices and systems, and resolve situations in real time.

Vidsys NVR connectors integrate 3rd party NVR/DVR’s with Vidsys CSIM software, allowing operators to view real-time and recorded video from their desktops.  Video can be displayed in response to manual user selection and can be automatically displayed when an event detected by CSIM-integrated access control, intrusion detection or another system is reported.

CSIM operators can control PTZ cameras and playback stored video using standard controls (forward, pause, reverse, etc.) that are consistent across different video recorder products.  Operators may define and store video clips and snapshots in CSIM situation records to facilitate post-event analysis.

Vidsys offers a growing list of connectors that enable integration between the Vidsys CSIM platform and other industry-leading converged and physical security products.

If you would like to find out more about this integration or other integrations, contact us here for more information or a demo.

Three Security Trends Poised to Take off in 2018

The past year has been a difficult one for those handling security in global enterprises – in fact, there was at least one major hack, breach or security flaw each month of 2017. With the surge of cyber attacks, ongoing weather catastrophes, global tensions, mass violence and terrorism, security plans have been put to the test to ensure business continuity and employee safety. As organizations adapt to handle a wider assortment of challenges and risks in 2018, we are sharing three trends that will impact organization security plans this year.

Move beyond “real-time monitoring” – Almost all companies spend time monitoring for risks in real-time for physical and cyber security. It is time for companies to invest resources in an effort to assess this gathered information and switch from a reactive approach to a proactive approach to better understand and manage operational risk.

Simplified security solutions – With each security breach, companies have a chance to learn valuable information and create greater awareness about the importance of comprehensive security programs. Learning from events like the Equifax breach that could have been prevented – if Equifax had fixed the security flaws that they previously acknowledged – organizations must learn to explain technical security concepts more simply so that employees and the general public will be more likely to follow safe security practices.

Companies will Lean on Smart Security Technology – A lack of skilled security specialists will prove the increasing need for smart technology that can help pull together data from various disparate security platforms and facilitate data analysis. As organizations find that security roles are more difficult to fill, technology will play a crucial role in filling the gaps. A centralized dashboard can allow a single security decision maker to increase their effectiveness through automating certain tasks and data analysis through rules and regulations set by each individual business.

Moving forward into 2018, organizations should be fully prepared for any security issues that arise. Although discussing security plans can be a difficult task, conversations must take place to transition into a proactive year, rather than another reactive one.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive, browser-based and easy-to-install security platform that leverages your existing resources to make your security solution smarter, contact Vidsys here for a free consultation.

Vidsys Secures DP World London Gateway Port

Below is an excerpt from Bunker Ports News Worldwide covering Vidsys’ project with DP World London Gateway:

Vidsys, the global leader in Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) and Converged Security and Information Management (CSIM) software, today announced that London Gateway, a port owned and operated by DP World (DPW), has implemented Vidsys port-wide to increase security and provide overall situational awareness capability.

DP World London Gateway has been a Vidsys end-customer since 2016 and has partnered with Vidsys on recent expansion projects. The trade-enabling port operator selected Vidsys due to its open platform architecture and vast agility for future growth and innovation, while being able to manage all sensors and systems from one unified view.

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Vidsys Secures DP World London Gateway Port

Below is an excerpt from Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide covering Vidsys’ project with DP World London Gateway:

Vidsys, the global leader in Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) and Converged Security and Information Management (CSIM) software, today announced that London Gateway, a port owned and operated by DP World (DPW), has implemented Vidsys port-wide to increase security and provide overall situational awareness capability.

P World London Gateway has been a Vidsys end-customer since 2016 and has partnered with Vidsys on recent expansion projects. The trade-enabling port operator selected Vidsys due to its open platform architecture and vast agility for future growth and innovation, while being able to manage all sensors and systems from one unified view.

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